Party Decorations Kit in Coral and Mint – 22 Piece Pack

Coral and Mint Party Decorations – 22-Piece Pack

A paper party decorations kit in Coral and Mint that contains everything you need to impress your guests and create a fun and tasteful atmosphere.  This 22-piece decorations pack contains Tissue Paper Pom Poms, Honeycomb Balls, a Tassel Garland and Paper Circles Garland.  Check out at these photos and click on each of them to see a larger version.  Aren’t they gorgeous?


PolySlick 22-Piece Pack of Coral and Minter Decorations

22-Piece Coral and Mint Decorations

Coral and Mint Tissue Pom Poms

Coral Mint and Gold/White Polka Dot Pom Poms

Coral Mint and Gold Tassels

Coral Mint and Gold Tassels

Paper Circles Garland

Paper Circle Garland

Coral and Mint Honeycomb Balls

Coral and Mint Honeycomb Balls

Coral and Mint Paper Decorations

Coral and Mint Party Decorations

Coral and Mint Decorations 22-Piece Pack

PolySlick Coral and Mint 22-Piece Pack of Paper Party Decorations


When & Where Can You Use These Elegant Paper Decorations?

Beautify the party area and add your personal and creative touch to Birthdays, Baby Showers, Bachelorette and Wedding Showers or Parties, also fantastic to use as a backdrop for photographs.

They can be hung from ceilings, on walls, on tables, across aisles, from branches outdoors.  How about a flower wall?  Place the Pom Poms and Honeycomb Balls individually using removable mounting tape.  Give a lift to a centerpiece or floral arrangement. Super too as a permanent light and arty decoration in your favorite room.


Party Decorations Kit Contents

• Six Tissue Paper Pom Poms: 2 pieces Coral (1 * 12 inch + 1 * 10 inch), 2 pieces Mint (1 * 12 inch + 1 * 10 inch), 2 pieces White and Gold Polka Dot (1 * 12 inch + 1 * 10 inch).
• Three Tissue Paper Honeycomb Balls: 2 pieces Coral (1 * 8 inch + 1 * 6 inch), 1 piece Mint (1 * 8 inch).
• Twelve Paper Tassels approx. 13 inches deep: 4 pieces each of Coral, Mint and Gold and they thread onto gold cord approx. 10 feet long.
• One mixed color Circle Garland: Coral, Mint and Gold Glitter, each circle 2 inches across and Garland approx. 6.5 feet long.
• Pom Poms have white ribbon for hanging and Honeycomb Balls have white cord.


Simple Assembly

This Coral and Mint decorations pack is so easy to put together.  The Honeycomb Balls and Circle Garland are ready to go.  Pom Poms and Tassels require straightforward assembly from pre-cut paper. Picture instructions are included.  Why not get a friend/relative to join in – you’ll halve the time plus the ‘table chatter’ will add to the party build up!  

Note: colors can appear slightly different due to various factors: lighting, screen monitor or manufacturer batch color variations.


Where to Buy These Exquisite Party Decorations?

Currently and exclusively on with free delivery if you have Prime .   Click on the link below to be taken to our page on Amazon:

Party Decoration Kit (22 Pieces) – Coral, Mint Green & Gold

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