PolySlick – Who Are We?

PolySlick is a small family business whose sole aim is to discover and develop new products that you will find useful and attractive.  Products that will add to your life!  We’re currently loving our newly designed Party Decorations as we think they are such fun and bring tons of pleasure.

Our focus is on quality and customer service – we endeavor to look after our clients the way they expect to be treated…..and more.

When we say “family”, it’s actually just the two of us.  Our kids have grown up and fled the nest but both of us have had a passion for investigating and keeping on top of new trends in the worldwide marketplace and many of the items we create and source come about from our own day-to-day needs.  We want to share what we think you’ll like and will not be showcasing anything that’s dull or pointless!

Are you wondering why the name?  Well, it took about a week to decide and find something that reflects what we’re doing.  “Poly” was the syllable that held us back because it brings to mind polythene, polyester, polyunsaturated, parrot 😃…..all of which may not be applicable to our business BUT “poly” is actually from the Greek “polus” meaning ‘much’ and “polloi” meaning ‘many’ so all you learned people will know we want to convey many or much!  That brings us to “Slick“.  We are definitely not cunning or slippery and hope you will think us efficient and impressive.  Thus, our aim is to portray “many smart products” rather than a polyethylene trail of floating material!

As customers are our main priority, we always welcome feedback whether it be regarding one of our products or a suggestion you may have.  By all means get in touch on our Contact Page.  We’d love to hear from you and will reply within 24 hours, possibly sooner.

In the meantime, look out for our PolySlick logo which we hope you’ll find instills confidence and care for you, our valued customer!